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rustyBoard-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer

Are you looking for an experienced and reliable attorney in Bartow, Florida? There are many factors that one needs to consider before choosing legal representation, as the very outcome of your case can be significantly impacted by the quality of the services offered by your legal counsel. You want to secure the services of an experienced legal professional, someone with a proven track record and the knowledge needed to offer the representation that you need. This is exactly what the Franklin Law Firm, established by attorney James Russell Franklin, can offer you.

Attorney James Russell “Rusty” Franklin was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1987 and to the Illinois Bar in 1997. He became board certified by the Florida Bar in Criminal Trial Law in 1994 and has extensive experience working in areas of the law such as criminal defense and family law.

Needless to say, his robust and in-depth expertise of several areas of the law in Florida make him a skilled and adept legal expert who can skillfully navigate any legal matter that you may be struggling with. His client-based approach guarantees that you receive the attention and dedication warranted by your case as he works tirelessly to reach a favorable resolution.

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